2 in 1 Water Bottle and Food Container

Red - Blue
  • This Portable Bottle has two chambers.
  • Chamber one - 12oz capacity for water.
  • Chamber two - 8.8oz capacity for food or snacks.
  • Comes with a folding dog bowl which can fold to .5"
  • Durable carabiner on the each bowl.
  • Anchor ring on bottle for attaching the bowl.
  • Silicone gel seal ring prevents water leaking.
  • 1" big spout for easy pouring. out the water and foods.
  • Filter screen in bottle prevents food mixing with water.
  • Body with 2 grooves for easy grip.
  • Measurements on bottle for pouring accurate amounts.
  • Material—Bottle is made of PP and bowl is TPE.  All materials are FDA approved, lead-free and BPA-free.

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Category: Bottles, Dog Dish

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