Nice to Meet You!

Nice to Meet You!

Hello to all my canine brothers & sisters and all of their moms, dads and family!  I’m Enzo and I was rescued when I was just six weeks old in December, 2016.  I’m a muttful combination of mostly red heeler, with four other breeds sprinkled in.  I’m pretty high-spirited and I love playing, getting my ears rubbed and sPETakular Treats! My mom thinks I’m really smart, funny and handsome. 

I’m proud to be the inspiration for the exclusive “Obsessive Dog” T-shirt collection…apparently; I’m just a little too protective because I love my mom too much.    I hope my T-shirts remind you of the pup that is obsessed with you and you smile!  Remember, our hearts are always in the right place!  We have more products in development, so come bark, back frequently! 

Be sure to check out the special treats for your pup! I’ve been one lucky taste-tester and my personal favorite is the peanut butter….yum!

Oh, and if you follow us on social media, I’ll be responding….well, kind of, I don’t type well, since, y’know, I don’t have thumbs, but my mom will comment with “My Dog Said…”

Thank you for coming to see me and I’m excited to get to know you!